What is Chemsave Discount Max?

We are an Australian online pharmacy selling Australian approved and trusted pharmacy products at everyday low prices. We are 100% Australian-owned, operated and registered. All the products we sell are 100% Genuine, 100% Australian Approved and they are 100% Compliant with Australian Standards.

Is Chemsave Discount Max a legitimate pharmacy?

Yes, Chemsave Discount Max is the online pharmacy of Chemsave Wentworthville, Sydney, Australia, a pharmacy registered by the Pharmacy Council Of New South Wales and with PBS approval by the Australian Government Department Of Health.

Who is the registered owner?

Chemsave Discount Max is owned and operated by the founder of Chemsave, Michael Dixon BPharm, who is a fully registered Australian pharmacist (Registration Number PHA0001340196).

What is the responsibility of your staff?

Your well-being is important to us. Our prime objective is to ensure the safety of our customers and the safe use of all our products. We reserve the right to refuse any orders we deem to not fit our criteria, or is of a nature that may be unsafe in its volumes or capacity for misuse.

How can you charge such low prices?

We operate a low-cost operating model dealing directly with the manufacturers. Our knowledge and experience within the industry coupled with our purchasing power constantly drives prices down.

Are the prices on the Chemsave Discount Max online the same at Chemsave Stores?

Chemsave Discount Max online prices just apply online. However, in some cases the prices may be the same or similar in Chemsave stores, particularly Chemsave Discount Max stores, but they will vary from store to store. Please check with your local Chemsave and Chemsave Discount Max store on the price and availability of a product when purchasing in-store.